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Navigating the LLM Landscape: Mapping the LLM Frontier and Its Diverse Applications at Data Innovation Summit 2024: In recent years, large language models (LLMs) have become a catalyst for revolutionizing human understanding. With vast linguistic knowledge and adept context understanding, these AI systems offer endless opportunities for enhanced acquisition and cross-cultural understanding. In this article, we cover some of the multifaceted applications of large language models (LLMs), exploring their impact across diverse domains. Alongside our exploration, we highlight some presentations at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024 – presentations that offer firsthand insights into the groundbreaking work being done in each respective field!

From Python Snippets to Production-Ready ML Models: How to Streamline and Trust Your ML Models in Production – Interview with Georgios Gkekas, Vent.io GmbH: During this interview, we spoke with Georgios Gkekas, Chief Technology Officer at vent.io GmbH. Vent.io GmbH is the digital arm of Deutsche Leasing Group. Georgios spearheads the company’s technological strategy. He oversees the establishment of a full-stack engineering department, including data scientists, software engineers, and site reliability engineers. With over 16 years of experience, Georgios is a seasoned professional in developing digital products. Moreover, Georgios and Dr. Sergei Savin, Data Scientist at Vent.io GmbH, will be presenting on “From Python Snippets to Production-Ready ML Models: How to Streamline and Trust Your ML Models in Production” at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024.

Role of AI in Data Management Evolution – Interview with Rakesh Singh, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.: In today’s data-driven world, organizations have vast data resources. However, deriving actionable insights is a challenge without the assistance of Artificial Intelligence in data management. In this interview, we spoke with Rakesh Singh. Rakesh is a data professional with 15 years of experience, primarily focused on data management, data integration, data engineering, data governance, and data analytics. Currently serving as a Senior Domain Architect at ABN AMRO Bank, Rakesh is responsible for the strategic design and architecture of a future-proof data platform in this role. In this interview, Rakesh shares his insights on the critical role of data management. He covers the impact AI wields on organizational data management strategies. Furthermore, he emphasizes the need for robust governance frameworks alongside AI integration to ensure ethical and efficient data practices.

AI Agents: Are They Becoming the Digital Genies of Tomorrow? Programmed with algorithms mirroring cognitive functions, AI agents merge human creativity with computational power. From streamlining daily tasks to engaging customers with personalized interactions, AI agents redefine human-computer interaction, enhancing productivity and integration. Imagine a digital genie, whispering suggestions for your workday, anticipating your needs before you even know them. That’s the potential of AI agents. These tireless bots not only gather information and automate tasks, but also learn your preferences with every interaction. Are AI agents redefining human connection? Are these digital assistants evolving into personal companions rather than just organizational tools?

Unveiling COVID-19 Dynamics in Sweden: Large-Scale Data Analysis from COVID Symptom Study – Interview with Hugo Fitipaldi, Lund University: In this interview, we spoke with Hugo Fitipaldi, a postdoctoral fellow at Lund University. Hugo’s expertise lies in applying data science and AI to healthcare. With a PhD in Genetic Epidemiology, he focuses on deriving insights from extensive health datasets. Hugo discusses managing vast datasets from the COVID Symptom Study (CSS), highlighting the vital role of data science and AI. He shares insights on COVID-19 analysis. In addition, Hugo will be presenting at this year’s Data Innovation Summit. He will explore the dynamics of COVID-19 within Sweden in his talk “Unveiling COVID-19 Dynamics in Sweden: Large-Scale Data Analysis from the COVID Symptom Study”. This talk will leverage extensive data analysis sourced from the COVID Symptom Study, providing insights into the epidemiological landscape of the pandemic within the country.

Standard NLP or LLMs? How customers’ needs influence our decision-making: Data Science is a wide-ranging field situated at the intersection of Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Creation of a valuable product is a gradual process that involves cross-team communication and working closely with different stakeholders, such as Product Owners, Project Managers, clients, or end users.

Driving Innovation at the Intersection between Finance and Artificial Intelligence: AI in Banking: The impact of AI in banking cannot be overstated. It’s a force that is revolutionizing customer experiences, operational efficiency, and risk management within the industry. As technology evolves, so too does the banking sector, constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of customers while adhering to regulatory standards and ethical guidelines. What happens when finance meets artificial intelligence? How does AI’s transformative potential unleash mind-bending impacts on this industry? In this article, we cover the symbiotic connection between AI, finance, and banking, uncovering insights that shed light on the future of this industry. We also touch upon a recent AIAW podcast episode on AI in banking, featuring Anastasia Varava, an important figure in computer science and robotics.

Decoding AI Adoption: 6 Key Rules to Separate Authentic Innovation from the Hype: AI has become the hottest buzzword of the decade, with ChatGPT — last year alone growing to 100,000,000 users within three months — the fastest growth in a new product ever. Since then, everyone, from startups to old-line businesses, has rushed to claim they are doing it. It’s no wonder, as McKinsey’s report, “Mind the Gap: AI Leaders Pulling Ahead” has shown that companies adopting AI are growing faster than their competitors. For investors and finance, understanding whether a company uses AI properly now translates into wasting money or reaping rewards. So how can you tell whether a company is a poser or the real deal?

Addressing Bias in AI Models: Fostering Diversity in the AI Ecosystem: As AI becomes increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, it’s essential to prioritize its fairness, accuracy, and inclusivity. The importance of integrating bias into AI models is clear when considering their role in reflecting cultural values. Artificial intelligence, fundamentally a mathematical construct, inherently mirrors the biases ingrained within the data it learns from. In a recent AIAW Podcast episode, we spoke with Jeanette Nilsson, AI Ecosystem Driver at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. In a conversation surrounding bias within AI models, we shed light on the complexities and the urgent need to address it both technically and ethically. Jeanette’s insights into the Swedish AI ecosystem reveal strategies and innovations shaping Europe’s AI landscape, emphasizing Sweden’s leadership in AI for societal development.

How to NOT Build Data Products? – Interview with Sebastian Herold, Senior Principal Engineer at Zalando SE: In this interview, we spoke with Sebastian Herold, Senior Principal Engineer at Zalando SE. For the past 5 years, Sebastian has been driving the evolution of Zalando’s data landscape into an efficient, scalable, and secure data mesh. Sebastian emphasizes the transition to treating data as a product, democratizing access while ensuring security and compliance. He discusses challenges in formulating a data strategy and ongoing efforts to refine the platform for internal users. Sebastian highlights the need for standardized governance and metadata exchange to facilitate seamless integration of data services. Moreover, Sebastian will be sharing his insights on “How NOT to Build Data Products” at the Data Innovation Summit 2024!

Video Interviews

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How AI and GPT Accelerate Frontend Projects – Interview with Teresa Wu, VP of Software Engineering at JP Morgan Chase: In this interview, we spoke with Teresa Wu, VP of Software Engineering at JP Morgan Chase. Teresa is a public speaker, Google Developer Expert (GDE), mentor, and software engineer who is passionate about front-end development and Cloud technology. Teresa will present at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024 in Stockholm this April. She will share insights on how AI and GPT enhance front-end projects, discussing practical applications and common pitfalls. Teresa encourages engineers to explore AI tools and courses to integrate AI effectively.

Environmental Impact of Cloud Computing and Analytics – Interview with Pierre-Louis Usselmann, CEO at Sweeft Analytics: In this interview, we spoke with Pierre-Louis Usselman, CEO at Sweeft Analytics. Sweeft developed a framework to estimate in detail the PCF of Data Analytics Products and have a product helping in reducing associated Carbon emissions. Their mission is to inspire and lead in minimizing the digital carbon footprint in analytics by innovating and delivering world-class mobile solutions. Their vision is to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability; and to pioneer the shift to a mobile selective cloud where analytics empowerment meets environmental responsibility seamlessly in the hands of every single user. We are proud to say that Sweeft Analytics is one of our partners at the ninth annual Data Innovation Summit!

Transformational Data Strategy for Delivering Ultimate Value  – Garima Singh, Global VP and Chief Architect at IKEA Ingka Group: In this interview, we spoke with Garima Singh, Global Vice President and Chief Architect at IKEA Ingka Group. Garima is passionate about data, AI, Automation, and IoT. Garima discusses data-driven transformation. She defines its significance in the age of generative AI and shares her journey of implementation, emphasizing current strategies and the federated structure. She highlights the critical stages and pillars, and key insights on data responsibility, federated management, and data lineage. Lastly, she envisions the future of data management and AI integration. Moreover, Garima will be sharing her insights on “Transformational Data Strategy for Delivering the Ultimate Value.” She will be presenting at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024 this April.

Data Product Catalog: From Data Contracts to Knowledge Graph – Interview with Andrea Gioia, CTO & Partner at Quantyca SpA: In this interview, we spoke with Andrea Gioia, Partner and CTO at Quantyca, a consulting company specializing in data management. He is also a co-founder of blindata.io, a SaaS platform focused on data governance and compliance. With over two decades of experience in the field, Andrea has led cross-functional teams in the successful execution of complex data projects across diverse market sectors, ranging from banking and utilities to retail and industry. In his current role as CTO at Quantyca, Andrea primarily focuses on advisory, helping clients define and execute their data strategy with a strong emphasis on organizational and change management issues. Moreover, Andrea will be sharing his insights on “Data product catalog: from data contracts to knowledge graph.” He, alongside Jacopo Aliprandi, will be presenting at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024 this April.

News, Articles, and Reports

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Sam Altman Seeks Trillions of Dollars to Reshape Business of Chips and AI: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spearheads a massive effort to revolutionize chip and AI industries, aiming to raise trillions. The goal is to advance AI research, especially large-scale models like GPT, making AI more efficient and accessible. Altman envisions transformative impacts across healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. By reshaping the semiconductor business model, he aims to redefine society’s relationship with technology.

Memory and New Controls for ChatGPT: OpenAI enhances ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, by upgrading memory and control mechanisms. These updates target issues like conversation context retention and model behavior. With a memory boost, ChatGPT can recall past conversation parts, resulting in more coherent responses. Furthermore, new control mechanisms empower users to tailor responses according to preferences or guidelines. These advancements mark significant progress in ChatGPT’s performance and usability across diverse applications, from customer service to creative writing.

Microsoft begins blocking some terms that caused its AI tool to create violent, problematic images: Microsoft has made changes to its artificial intelligence guardrails after a staff AI engineer wrote to the Federal Trade Commission of his concerns regarding Copilot’s image-generation AI. Prompts such as “pro choice,” “pro choce” [sic] and “four twenty,” which were each mentioned in a CNBC investigation Wednesday, are now blocked, as well as the term “pro life.” There is also now a warning about multiple policy violations leading to suspension from the tool, which CNBC had not encountered prior to Friday, even after running many tests.

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models: By enabling models to see the world more like humans do, the work could help improve driver safety and shed light on human behavior. Peripheral vision enables humans to see shapes that aren’t directly in our line of sight, albeit with less detail. This ability expands our field of vision and can be helpful in many situations, such as detecting a vehicle approaching our car from the side. Unlike humans, AI does not have peripheral vision. Equipping computer vision models with this ability could help them detect approaching hazards more effectively or predict whether a human driver would notice an oncoming object.

Europe launches AI office to serve as ‘global reference point’ on safety, policy and development: The European Commission this week opened its new artificial intelligence (AI) office, which will help set policy for the bloc while also serving as a “global reference point,” according to officials.  “The European AI Office will support the development and use of trustworthy AI, while protecting against AI risks,” the commission wrote in a statement published on its website. “The AI Office was established within the European Commission as the center of AI expertise and forms the foundation for a single European AI governance system.” “The AI Office also promotes an innovative ecosystem of trustworthy AI, to reap the societal and economic benefits,” the committee said. “It will ensure a strategic, coherent and effective European approach on AI at the international level, becoming a global reference point.”

Google releases new Gemini update to give users ‘more control’ over AI chatbot responses: In an effort to give users greater oversight, Google has unveiled a new feature for its Gemini artificial intelligence that allows those prompting the chatbot to edit inaccurate responses that are not the proper length or suitable for their needs. “We’re launching a more precise way for you to tune Gemini’s responses. Starting in English in the Gemini web app, just select the portion of text you want to change, give Gemini some instruction, and get an output that’s closer to what you are looking for,” Google said in its latest Gemini release update. After generating an initial response from any given prompt, users can highlight specific portions of the text provided by Gemini and modify it by clicking on the pencil tool pop-up.

AI After Work Podcast

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AIAW Podcast E118 – AI Innovation in Banking – Anastasia Varava: Join us for a discussion on AI in Banking in Episode 118, featuring Anastasia Varava, Research Lead at SEBx! Anastasia, currently a Data Scientist at SEB, brings a wealth of expertise from her background in computer science and AI research at KTH, Stockholm. At SEB, she drives collaborations with academia in AI and ML, while also coordinating the Language track of WARA Media and Language, an initiative within the WASP research arena aimed at fostering industry-academia partnerships and community building in Media and NLP in Sweden.

AIAW Podcast E119 – The AI Aparheid – Erich Hugo: Join us for another episode of the weekly AIAW podcast, this time featuring Erich Hugo, Managing Director at Business Innovation at Delta Track! Erich is a professional with over 10 years of experience in leading digital innovation and business growth across diverse sectors. As an IoT and AI expert, Erich brings a wealth of insights to the table. He has launched four startups in the last decade, cementing his status as an entrepreneur. Erich’s background includes notable roles at Nokia and Bonnier, such as Go-To Market Manager & Business Development Director at Nokia Northern Europe and Head of Business Development at Bonnier Digital Services. His experience promises expertise in digital transformation, entrepreneurship, and the future of technology.

AIAW Podcast E120 – The Swedish AI Ecosystem – Jeanette Nilsson: Get insights into the Swedish AI ecosystem with Jeanette Nilsson, AI Ecosystem Driver at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Jeanette brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has a background in engineering, business development, and has held influential roles in EuroHPC Joint Undertaking RIAG and Big Data Value Association. Explore her journey leading Sweden in AI for societal development and discover inspiring strategies shaping Europe’s AI landscape. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with one of the leading voices in the AI community!

AIAW Podcast E121 – Models for Scaling Agile – Mattias Altin, Niklas Modig and Henrik Kniberg: In Episode 121, we dive into software development in the AI era with an exceptional lineup of experts. Featuring Mattias Altin, the innovative CTPO & Deputy CEO of Hups and former Engineering Manager at Klarna. He brings his rich experience from leading roles at Soundtrap (Spotify) and Volvo Cars. Alongside him, we welcome Niklas Modig, author of the best-selling “This Is Lean – Resolving the Efficiency Paradox”, and Founder & CEO of Hups. Completing our panel is the AI whisperer himself, Henrik Kniberg, Chief Scientist & Co-founder of Hups.com! Henrik is an influential figure with a storied background including roles as a Spotify coach, LEGO coach, and Minecraft developer at Mojang.

Hyperight Attend

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Data Innovation Summit 2024: Kistamässan, Stockholm, 24 – 25th of April 2024

The ninth annual edition of the Data Innovation Summit is only 6 weeks away! This summit brings together the most innovative minds, enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-up innovators, and academics, working with Applied Data Innovation, Data Science, Big Data, ML, AI, GenAI, LLMs, Data Management, Data Engineering, Architecture, Databases, responsible AI, Industrial Analytics, in one place to discuss ways to accelerate AI-driven Transformation throughout companies, industries, and public organizations.

The ninth annual edition will cover a range of topics spread across 9 stages aligned over a common theme: ‘’From data to value in the age of applied and generative AI’’. By registering, practitioners will engage with over 300 speakers, benefit from 200+ TIP sessions, and connect with professionals across the globe, accelerating AI-driven transformation in their organizations.

  • Join the largest annual data and AI gathering with over 3,000 attendees for an unforgettable experience!
  • Explore 250 presentations, 7 workshop rooms, and more than 200 demos for a deeper understanding of the data-to-insight-to-action process.
  • Witness the latest technology from more than 100 exhibitors, some making their Nordic debut, offering a glimpse into the future of data and AI.
  • Attend in-person or online and become part of a global movement connecting the data, analytics, and AI community.
  • Immerse yourself in vibrant activities, parties, and challenges for a balanced and enjoyable event.
  • Unlock the future of data innovation, and reserve your seat NOW at the event of the year!

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, now is one of the last opportunities to do so. With less than 30% of the tickets remaining, ensure you don’t miss out!

Get your tickets at https://lnkd.in/dRZnqxj

FinOps – tpo33 event: ‎‎‎19th of March 2024, Stockholm‎‎

FinOps tpo33 is an ideal event for every FinOps and cloud efficiency professional or organization seeking to navigate the complexities of cloud spending. By delving into analyzing, optimizing, and automating financial operations, participants will discover effective strategies to not only reduce costs but also to unlock new growth opportunities, drive innovation, and achieve a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

CBIO – tpo33 event: 21st of March 2024, Oslo

CBIO (Chief BI Officer) tpo33 is tailor made for every practitioner or organization working with or interested in learning how to maximize the ROI of their BI initiatives and function. The event is created for Chief BI and Analytics Officers, CxO´s, or senior managers who are leading the BI and Analytics initiative and strategy in their organization.

CAIO – tpo33 event: ‎‎26th of March 2024, Stockholm

CAIO (Chief AI Officer) tpo33 is tailor-made for every practitioner or organization working with or interested in learning how to maximize the ROI of their AI initiatives and function. The event is created for Chief AI Officers, CxO’s, or senior managers who are leading the AI initiative and strategy in their organization.

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