Transforming a digitally non-native construction company – Interview with Shuang Wu and Øyvinn Lossius

In this written interview, we sat down with Shuang Wu and Øyvinn Lossius and talked about their journey towards transforming Mesta, a Norwegian infrastructure company, into a data-driven organization. Shuang...

Becoming a data-centric organization – Interview with Edita Lukaševičiūtė and Ignas Aničas from Bank of Lithuania

The Bank of Lithuania has undergone a transformational journey in data management maturity in recent years, aiming to become a more data-centric organization. In an interview with Hyperight, Edita...

From Data Orientation Into a Data Culture: The Preply Story

The solution for Preply was building a self-service layer to unlock data accessibility.

Sculpting Data for Machine Learning – Interview With Jigyasa Grover & Rishabh Misra, Twitter

The interview discovers what skills and technical knowledge is needed to identify and curate meaningful and unbiased datasets.

Trial and Error Method: Approaching Big Data Project for Mini EEV Lifetime Prediction –  Interview with Egor Kolpakov, Project Engineer at Danfoss

Featured image credits: leungchopan on Envato Elements In this interview with Hyperight, Egor Kolpakov, Project Engineer at Danfoss, shares his professional background and current focus on Machine Learning...

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