The 6th Edition of Data 2030 Summit: All About Data Management and Much More

This year's Data 2030 Summit was more insightful, immersive, and collaborative. Allow us to tell you why!

Value Management for Sustainable Data and AI Transformations: Interview With Jo Coutuer, BNP Paribas Fortis

The key to sustainable value management of any Data and AI transformation are practices around Discovery, Ensuring Efficiency, Setting Priorities, & Valorisation.

Responsible AI: From Principles to Practice

As organisations move from words to principles, find out why should organisations consider Responsible AI through the AI life cycle.

The Role of Metadata and Metadata Lake For a Successful Data Architecture: Interview with Mahmoud Yassin, Booking.com

Find out about the role of metadata & Metadata Lake for a successful data architecture

Data Visualisation and Storytelling – Facts, Tools, Skills & Use Cases

Why Data Visualisations and Storytelling are the future for organisations? Find out through the stories in this article.

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