AIAW Podcast E118 – AI Innovation in Banking – Anastasia Varava

Join us for an enlightening discussion on AI in Banking in this week's AIAW Podcast - Episode 118, featuring Anastasia Varava, Research Lead at SEBx. Anastasia, currently a Data...

AIAW Podcast E117 – AI-driven software testing – Vilhelm von Ehrenheim

Join us on Episode 117 of the AIAW Podcast for an enlightening conversation with Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer of the innovative startup QA.tech.

AIAW Podcast E116 – RAG models to autonomous AI agents – Jesper Fredriksson

Get ready for Episode 116 of the AIAW Podcast featuring Jesper Fredriksson, AI Engineer at Volvo Cars.

AIAW Podcast – Episode 115 – Talent in AI and AI in Recruitment – Alexandra Davis and Stefan Wendin

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AIAW Podcast Episode 114 – 2023 in Review

Join us for the grand finale of AIAW Podcast's Season 7 with Episode 114, "2023 in Review," where we embark on a reflective journey through the past year's remarkable evolution in...