AIAW Podcast E125 – Liza-Maria Norlin

In the latest episode (#125) of the AIAW Podcast, we’re thrilled to host Liza-Maria Norlin, Party Secretary of the Christian Democrats in Sweden and author of “The Courage to Lead through Values!” This episode covers a discussion with Liza-Maria, starting with her recent election as a Member of Parliament and key issues she aims to address. We explore her background and discuss how AI aligns with Christian Democratic values. It also dissects the pros and cons of the EU AI Act. Liza-Maria shares her perspective on what it means to be a Party Secretary, and the emerging landscape of GovTech Sweden. A highlight of our conversation is how AI supports value-based leadership, drawing insights from her book. We also tackle pressing topics like AI’s role in enhancing public value and ethical considerations in AI development. Also Sweden’s position in global AI governance, and speculate on the potential futures of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Join us for this enlightening journey into AI, leadership, and the intersection of technology and values!

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