Demystifying GDPR and AI: Safeguarding Personal Data in the Age of Large Language Models

The use of personal data in AI models is a topic of heated debate. But the reality is nuanced, especially when considering the European Union's GDPR.

To What Degree Should You Let Data Free?

Data wants to be free, but to what degree? In this article, I propose an assessment framework to support what ‘data-decentralization’ practice would best fit your organization.

6 Ways for Optimizing RAG Performance

Imagine AI that learns and adapts in real-time, seamlessly integrating vast knowledge for precise, context-aware responses. This is the reality with RAG!

Gen AI is Here to Stay: But What is Gen AI Actually Capable Of?

Generative AI is a revolution in machine creation. This subfield of AI empowers machines to learn from vast datasets and craft entirely new content.

From Idea to Impact: Building Value-Driven Data Products

Data products create value by facilitating business goals. They ensure this by enhancing the access to data and improving the utility of data.

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