Smart City Digital Transformation of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure

The industry around EV charging is growing at a very fast speed, and data and the technology are at the centre of the value chain.

Optimizing Marketing Strategies Using A/B Testing With Machine Learning

The first part of the article focuses on A/B testing, and the second part dives into utilizing machine learning techniques.

Is Enterprise AI Winter on Sight?

This article will give an overview of AI Winters through the years, together with some of the reasons behind them and present some similarities today that can potentially trigger an Enterprise AI Winter.

In Search Of The Future: What Sci-fi Can Teach Us About the Perils of AI and How to Solve the Alignment Problem

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) has long been a source of inspiration for inventors.

Keep an Eye on These Data Management Trends

In this article, we are summarizing some of the data management practitioners' views on what trends in data management can be expected in the upcoming period.

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