Data Innovation Summit MEA 2024: The Second Edition was a Blast!

The MEA region is accelerating! The Data Innovation Summit MEA made its second stop in Dubai this year, marking yet another fantastic edition.

Breaking Barriers: Small Language Models and Accessibility of AI Language Processing

In recent years, small language models (SLMs) have sparked a revolution in AI, providing striking efficiency and versatility in natural language processing.

9 Takeaways from the Ninth Edition of Data Innovation Summit!

And yet another wrap of a fantastic edition of the biggest data, analytics, and AI event in the Nordics – Data Innovation Summit! With both in-person and online, this event...

The Power Grid of Tomorrow: The AI Divide

In technology, there are a few subjects that evoke as much interest and apprehension as artificial intelligence (AI). The appeal surrounding AI often stems from its representation...

7 Practical Applications of RAG Models and their Impact on Society

As Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) models keep on advancing, their impact spreads across the NLP community. These models are fascinating, sitting at the intersection of...

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