Hyperight Nordic 100 in Data, Analytics & AI

The 2023 list features Data, Advanced Analytics & AI practitioners or individuals strongly dedicated to supporting the data community and accelerating the Data and AI innovation capabilities in the Nordic...

From Value to Data in Corporate Startup – Interview With Christian Rasmussen, Grundfos Future Lab

Video interview with Christian Rasmussen, Head of Technology at Grundfos Future Lab.

Employing AI to Detect Insurance Fraud – Interview With Fredrik Thuring, Trygg-Hansa Försäkring

Video interview with Fredrik Thuring, Head of Operational Analytics at Trygg-Hansa Försäkring.

Six Essential Business Skills for Analytics Professionals – Interview With David Stephenson, DSI Analytics

Analytics professionals should have technical but also business skills to perform better at what they do. But what are those skills?

Would You Like to Start With MLOps? – Interview With Stefano Bosisio, Trustpilot

MLOps is getting more and more of a buzzword. In this interview read a practical example of applying the MLOps "philosophy" on a business-wide scale.

Statistics in the Wild: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

Equip your data scientists with powerful tools and make them equal to the rest of the business.

Optimizing Marketing Strategies Using A/B Testing With Machine Learning

The first part of the article focuses on A/B testing, and the second part dives into utilizing machine learning techniques.

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