The ultimate guide to understanding Edge Analytics in 2021

Bookmark Please login to bookmark Username or Email Address Password Remember Me We live in a world where more businesses want actionable, real-time and up-to-date insights from their data as soon as possible...

Future Says… AI Business Model Innovation

How can we make AI our main business so that it's not just a Proof of Concept or a pilot but it's actually our earning machine? On the one hand, we have new AI research happening - new models, new algorithms...

There’s greater cost of deploying AI and ML models in production – the AI carbon footprint

Training AI models consume a lot of computer processing power, and hence a lot of electricity, resulting in a larger AI carbon footprint.

Future Says… Amplified Intelligence

We talk about AI as Amplified Intelligence – mixing the best of man with machine learning - the collaboration between machines and humans, science and art, data and gut feeling.

How to accelerate AI use and development in Sweden: AI Agenda for Sweden

The AI Agenda for Sweden was launched earlier this year, including 25 proposals to accelerate the positive effects of AI use in Swedish society.

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