AIAW Podcast E121 – Models for Scalling Agile – Mattias Altin, Niklas Modig and Henrik Kniberg

Join us on this episode of the AIAW Podcast, Episode 121! In this episode, we dive into software development in the AI era with an exceptional lineup of experts. Featuring Mattias Altin, the innovative CTPO & Deputy CEO of Hups and former Engineering Manager at Klarna. He brings his rich experience from leading roles at Soundtrap (Spotify) and Volvo Cars. Alongside him, we welcome Niklas Modig, author of the best-selling “This Is Lean – Resolving the Efficiency Paradox”, and Founder & CEO of Hups. Completing our panel is the AI whisperer himself, Henrik Kniberg, Chief Scientist & Co-founder of Hups.com! Henrik is an influential figure with a storied background including roles as a Spotify coach, LEGO coach, and Minecraft developer at Mojang. Together, they explore cutting-edge insights and forecast the future of software development, a journey you don’t want to miss!

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