Navigating the Next Wave: Generative AI at Accenture – Interview with Mattias Aspelund & Julia Falk, Accenture

Join us for an exclusive Hyperight Data Talks interview with Mattias Aspelund, Generative AI Architect and Director, and Julia Falk, Generative AI Engineer at Accenture Nordics! Dive into the transformative world of AI as they discuss their current projects in GenAI and RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation). They share insights on how Accenture’s recent $3 billion investment in AI is revolutionizing services and client experiences. Mattias and Julia explore challenges and strategies around deploying LLMs and the expansive applications of RAG. They also address the transition of AI projects from proof of concept to production. This discussion covers ethics, data governance, and change management in achieving sustainable AI innovation. Don’t miss this conversation about the dynamic AI landscape at Accenture and the exciting opportunities it presents!

Were you curious about Lucy’s capabilities? You should have swung by Accenture’s booth for a chat. They also hosted Technology in Practice sessions on Wednesday at 3:40 PM and Thursday at 10:15 AM. It was a great opportunity to learn more about what Lucy can do!

More insights from Matias and Julia you can hear in their presentation on “RAG for almost everything and more than just a chat” at the ninth annual Data Innovation Summit!

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