Nordic 100 in
Data, Analytics & AI

Practitioners you should know about

Nordic 100 in
Data, Analytics & AI

Practitioners you should know about

The 2023 List!

An independent list fully curated by the Hyperight editorial team

The list features Data, Advanced Analytics & AI practitioners or individuals strongly dedicated to supporting the data community and accelerating the Data and AI innovation capabilities in the Nordic region. They are Data and AI practitioners working in midsize companies or enterprises, academics, individuals promoting ideas or actions to increase the maturity in the area, experts in vendor organisations or agencies, governmental initiative representatives, spokesmen, or simply innovators developing new ways of working, new products or services. The Hyperight Nordic 100 In Data, Analytics and AI 2023 is divided into 9 categories depending on the area that practitioners are working in or supporting: Data Management, Business Analytics and BI, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Data Engineering, Applied Analytics, Innovation and finally Ethics, Diversity and Regulation.

The List changes every year with 100 new names, and it is designed to recognize and celebrate the work and the efforts of exceptional individuals in our network who are driving the Data and AI innovation forward, selflessly sharing their knowledge with others, and inspiring young generations and other practitioners to follow the same path. The list should not be, in any way, perceived as a competition or a ranking list.

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    How is the list

    The 2023 edition of the list is 100% curated by the Hyperight editorial team
    (Editor´s Choice). In the years to come the list will be open to nominations
    by the Nordic data community (Community Choice). As a matter of fact,
    every practitioner working with Data, Analytics and AI in the Nordics can
    apply to be listed or nominate someone else. When curating the list we
    take into account three main criteria:


    Leadership and Innovation

    Individuals who have shown leadership and innovation skills within their or many other organisations, demonstrating and advocating the importance and value of Data,
    Advanced Analytics and AI.


    Influence and Engagement

    Engagement with the broader Data, Analytics and AI industry is important. This can include being a member of an industry council, speaking at industry conferences or taking part in meet-ups, creating knowledge-sharing and collaboration activities, having published research or showcasing thought leadership through different channels.


    Delegate Feedback

    In some small cases we have selected Nordic speakers whose presentations have been received with great enthusiasm by the delegates attending Hyperight events.

    Community Choice nominated individuals are subject to selection by the Hyperight editors based on the above criteria. Nomination entries are free of charge and confidential. You can apply or nominate a colleague on the button below.
    The list will be made public and presented during the 2022 edition of the annual Data Innovation summit, scheduled for 5th and 6th of May 2022.

    Important dates

    7th April – Last day to apply or nominate

    3rd May  –
    The List is made PUBLIC

    Why Apply
    or Nominate

    • Badge of Honor – Being recognised as one of the Hyperight Nordic 100 In Data, Analytics and AI 2023 is a notable badge of honour for the individuals who make the cut. Leaders who have ranked among the 100 gain greater recognition and visibility in the industry and in their organisation
    • Business Recognition – The recognition as one of the Nordic 100 Data, Analytics and AI Leaders can get you greater business exposure and position you as a thought leader in the Data, Advanced Analytics and AI community. The recognition will also qualify your company as an attractive employer in the Data and Advanced analytics industry
    • Media Coverage – Individuals featured in the Hyperight Nordic 100 In Data, Analytics and AI 2023 will get wide media coverage through our Hyperight and our Media Partner channels, website and weekly newsletter
    • Award Opportunity – Being included in the list also provides you with the opportunity to win an award by Hyperight

    the 2022 List

    Our Editorial Team

    Goran Cvetanovski

    Goran Cvetanovski

    Goran Cvetanovski is Founder and CEO of Hyperight AB, a global event and media organisation dedicated to fostering knowledge-sharing, peer-to-peer networking, and B2B collaboration in the domains of data-driven and AI-driven innovation. Under Goran’s leadership, Hyperight has spearheaded several industry events such as the Data Innovation Summit, Data 2030 Summit, and DSML Summit, all of which have garnered international recognition. With over 18 years of experience in event management, research, guerrilla marketing, sales, and business development, Goran is a seasoned professional who has established himself as a key figure in the field. As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, he possesses a sharp acumen for identifying and nurturing groundbreaking ideas. Goran’s commitment to empowering women in technology is reflected in his role as a Board Member of Girls in Tech Nordics, while his passion for AI and data innovation is evident through his work as the Executive Producer of the weekly AIAW Podcast, which provides unparalleled insights on these topics.

    Saranda Arifi

    Saranda Arifi

    Saranda Arifi works as an Editorial Director at Hyperight AB, an event and media organisation dedicated to help organisations increase their maturity level of data innovation and AI utilisation, by creating platforms that encourage knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer networking and B2B collaboration. Saranda is involved in the overall intellectual creation, development, execution of existing and brand new conferences, project planning, project management and content strategy. She has experience in Project Management and Advisory Roles for Local and International Institutions.