AIAW Podcast Episode 082 – Mats Nordlund

Episode Description In this episode of the weekly Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast), we have the pleasure to welcome Mats Nordlund, Head of Data Factory at AI Sweden. He has MIT background and...

How to Democratize Data Across Organizations: Use Cases

Democratization of data and AI is the ultimate goal enabling practitioners across functions to innovate and maximize the value of the organization's advanced analytics capabilities.

Keynote | Responsible AI: Best Practices, Frameworks and Use cases – Toju Duke, Google

Session Outline AI is fundamental, groundbreaking technology with an adoption rate of 64% year over year. Along with its innovative and transformational abilities comes challenges with ethics and...

Keynote | Enterprise MLOps platforms: What’s next? – Kjell Carlsson, Domino Data Lab

Session Outline Inflexible infrastructure, wasted work, and operationalisation pitfalls have all been key obstacles preventing organisations from adopting a model driven strategy. MLOps platforms have been...