Future Says… AI for Good

Bookmark Please login to bookmark Username or Email Address Password Remember Me “One of the things I’m most proud of in Telefonica is creating this area of big data for social good, that is leveraging...

AI opens the path to designing sustainable societies

The revolution of machines is no longer limited to assembly lines, but increasingly complex tasks can benefit from different applications of AI.

Mempathy – a serious game that helps with anxiety using Large Language models: Interview with Gema Parreño

Gema Parreño discusses serious games, using machine learning models to create personalised player experiences, the challenges with language agent implementation and a sneak peek into the lessons learnt from...

How AI can help us design more sustainable cities and society: Interview with Janne Liuttu

Building and construction sectors are major contributors to both waste and emissions globally, and achieving growth sustainably is becoming more and more important for companies around the world.

Deep Brew: Transforming Starbucks into an AI & data-driven company

Serving more than 100 million customers, in rapidly changing market conditions, requires the Starbucks to transform from a beverage supplier to a data-driven tech company.