Data Product Catalog: From Data Contracts to Knowledge Graph – Interview with Andrea Gioia, CTO & Partner at Quantyca SpA

In this interview, we spoke with Andrea Gioia, Partner and CTO at Quantyca, a consulting company specializing in data management. He is also a co-founder of blindata.io, a SaaS platform focused on data governance and compliance. With over two decades of experience in the field, Andrea has led cross-functional teams in the successful execution of complex data projects across diverse market sectors, ranging from banking and utilities to retail and industry. In his current role as CTO at Quantyca, Andrea primarily focuses on advisory, helping clients define and execute their data strategy with a strong emphasis on organizational and change management issues.

Moreover, Andrea will be sharing his insights on “Data product catalog: from data contracts to knowledge graph.” He, alongside Jacopo Aliprandi, will be presenting at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit 2024 this April.

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