Decoding Data Modeling: A Pillar of Modern Data Stacks and AI Cost Efficiency – Interview with Serge Gershkovich, SqlDBM

In this Hyperight Data Talks interview, we had the chance to speak with Serge Gershkovich, Product Success Lead at SqlDBM! During our conversation, we talk about data modeling in relational databases within the modern data stack. We explore how it contributes to cost savings in AI implementation. Also maintenance and ensuring consistency while avoiding rework in AI-driven systems. Additionally, we discuss key differences between relational and transformational data modeling and their respective impacts on AI development. We also touch upon challenges encountered during the transition between these stages. Finally, we consider the future evolution of data modeling alongside advancements in AI technologies and cloud platforms.

Stay tuned for a presentation on “Building Your Data Modeling Expertise Using SqlDBM and Snowflake” by Dan Galavan, Independent Data Architecture Consultant. And “Product Review with SqIDBM” by Hazal Sener, Senior Developer Advocate. Stay tuned for these enlightening presentations at the Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm happening in 2 days only!

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