AIAW Podcast E123 – The Power Grid of Tomorrow – Kiryl Zhdanovich & Jonatan Raber

Tune in to yet another AIAW Podcast! Episode 123 features a discussion with Kiryl Zhdanovich, seasoned Machine Learning and Data Engineer at Fever, and Jonatan Raber, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Fever. With impressive backgrounds with industry giants like Ikea and Spotify, they dive into ‘The Power Grid of Tomorrow.’ This episode explores how the future of power technology is shifting its focus from traditional hardware to ground-breaking advances in software engineering, computing, and modeling. Discover Fever’s system. It makes autonomous millisecond decisions, optimizing and balancing power production and consumption for a future fueled by clean, abundant, and resilient energy.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation that illuminates the next generation of energy solutions!

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