Data Innovation Summit 2024: What You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Are you ready to dive into the future of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence? Buckle up as in less than a week, the Data Innovation Summit 2024 will kick off!

Set against the backdrop of the Nordic landscape, this hybrid event unites the global community of data enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders. The Data Innovation Summit is the largest and most influential annual gathering in the Nordics. As such, it convenes the brightest minds in applied data innovation, machine learning, AI, and beyond.

This summit boasts nine stages, 250+ sessions, and more than 3000+ delegates from leading companies. It engages in world-class case studies, connects with industry experts, and explores innovative workshops.

Join us, whether in person or virtually, to be part of the revolution shaping the future of data and AI!

Data Innovation Summit 2024 in Stockholm: From Data to Value in the Age of Applied and Generative AI
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Stage by Stage…

1. Machine Learning & Generative AI Stage

Delve into the intricate world of both Machine Learning and Generative AI as we present a series of technical deep-dives! These sessions will cover not only deploying and operating, but also scaling a diverse array of AI models within an enterprise setting. These presentations will place a spotlight on Model Operations, the bedrock of foundational models. And the crucial aspects of AI/ML governance, alongside AI lifecycle management strategies.

Join us as we navigate through MLOps and LLMOps, uncovering methods that streamline delivery, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency. These sessions aim to empower you to refine your existing operations or even embark on new AI ventures!

2. Data Engineering & DataOps Stage

Step into Data Engineering and DataOps, where we focus on the technological foundations that drive modern data solutions. This stage explores the complexities of the tech stack and software infrastructure essential for crafting and deploying robust data pipelines. Moreover, we prioritize empowering robust analytics and machine learning across on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-native environments, emphasizing top-quality datasets.

Presentations will delve into the core of DataOps, MLOps, AutoML, CloudML, and Fast Data, providing insights into fine-tuning processes and much more! These sessions will tackle you to architect and implement cutting-edge data infrastructures.

3. Modern Data Platform Stage

Embark on a strategic and technical journey to construct a Modern Data Platform that not only aligns with evolving business models but also adapts to changing workforce operations. This stage is all about fostering an intelligent ecosystem that interlinks every facet of the enterprise.

Discussions on this stage will pivot around the fundamental components that constitute a modern data platform. This stage will cover everything from data sources and ingestion to storage, querying, and processing. The journey continues through data transformation, analysis, and culminates in the output that drives decisions. By focusing on these building blocks, these presentations aim to provide insights and strategies to develop a data platform that is truly disruptive. This stage is set to equip individuals and organizations to handle the demands of today’s data-driven world!

4. Modern Data Strategy Stage

Discover the art of crafting a Modern Data Strategy that is both resilient and agile, tailored for the enterprise-scale deployment of Advanced Analytics and AI. From the initial ownership to the final stages of implementation, this strategy and technical track is your guide to future-proofing your data initiatives!

This year, with this stage, we turn the spotlight on the data fabric architecture, ensuring robust data & information governance, and maintaining big data quality. This stage will navigate through the intricacies of data mesh, lay the groundwork with a solid data foundation, and dive into the essentials of mastering data. Additionally, presentations will explore the latest in data warehousing, data lakes, and much more! Join us as we pave the way for a data strategy that not only meets today’s demands but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow!

5. Business & Data Analytics Stage

Explore the strategic and technical dimensions of Business & Data Analytics as we showcase how organizations can amplify their analytics prowess! Presentations on this stage will showcase how to maintain a harmonious balance between control and agility within adaptable enterprise platforms. We tailor them to address a diverse range of user personas, analytics functionalities, and data scenarios.

Furthermore, we will place a strong emphasis on governance and decision intelligence, ensuring that data preparation is both efficient and effective. Delve into the world of embedded analytics and witness the power of automated insights and augmentation! We’ll also highlight the significance of data visualization and the capabilities of Natural Language Querying (NLQ).

6. Data Science & AI Strategy Stage

Immerse yourself in the Strategy and Business stage, where we focus on pioneering methods to forge a premier analytics and AI delivery platform! This stage serves as an opportunity to master the art of both leading and managing high-performing data science and advanced analytics teams. Gain insights into overseeing the entire lifecycle of analytics and AI products, from inception to deployment.

We’ll guide you through enhancing the delivery of insights and the augmentation of business value, ensuring that both internal and external stakeholders benefit from the capabilities of your analytics and AI endeavors. This stage is crucial for anyone committed to making an impact in data science and AI; whether you’re leading a new team or growing your existing operations.

7. Industrial Analytics & AI Stage

Dive into the strategic and technical depths of Industrial Analytics & AI! This stage is tailored for heavy asset organizations and manufacturers eager to harness the power of machine data and analytics. We’ll explore application-oriented AI solutions that are pivotal in refining operational processes, detecting and classifying anomalies with precision.

Our goal is to empower organizations to drastically reduce downtime, hence enhance production efficiency. By integrating advanced analytics and AI applications, these presentations aim to help you streamline daily operations and unlock new levels of operational excellence. Join us in transforming your industrial operations with data-driven intelligence and AI applications!

8. Applied Innovation & Responsible AI Innovation Stage

The Business and Strategy stage dives into AI innovation tailored for applications across private and public sectors. Here, we empower you to elevate customer experiences, streamline business processes, and revolutionize existing models. Or even invent entirely new ones!

Moreover, this stage is a testament to our commitment to human-centric AI innovation. We cover critical topics like explainable AI, ensuring trustworthy AI systems, upholding digital ethics, and championing AI for good initiatives. It’s a convergence of technology and responsibility, aiming to foster AI advancements, ethical and beneficial to society at large.

9. Databases & Data Quality Stage

Join us on a journey through the Databases & Data Quality Stage, where we feature expert-led technical presentations that are set to penetrate the core of innovative database management strategies! With presentations on this stage, we fortify enterprise databases to ensure data integrity – accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

In these sessions, we’ll underscore the critical importance of effective data quality management. It serves as a cornerstone for the success of analytics and AI applications. Explore essential practices to maintain your data’s caliber—the lifeblood of modern enterprises!

Workshop Session Rooms & Expo Booths Area & Data Octagon Programme

Workshop Session Rooms: This edition consists of several rooms for short workshops and crash-courses. The sessions will provide training on various organizational, business, and technical topics. The rooms are the lower part of the venue and limited to 24 people per crash-course session!

Expo Booths Area: In the expo area you will have the opportunity to meet local and global data management, analytics and automation software, hardware and service providers. A time in the program is dedicated for live demos and presentations on the exhibitor booths (technology in practice sessions).

Data Octagon Programme: Live streamed program providing insight into current data practices, trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as providing overview of the latest technological breakthroughs, and glimpses into the future of data management, analytics and automation. This free program consists of 45 minute panels and product overviews and is live- streamed online on our Hyperight YouTube channel.

Get Ready, the Data Innovation Summit 2024 is just Around the Corner!

As the ninth edition of the Data Innovation Summit draws near, the anticipation for what lies ahead is notable. Each stage, carefully crafted to ignite inspiration and drive innovation, promises to be an exceptional journey into the future of data and AI!

Whether your interest lies in mastering machine learning or developing a sophisticated data platform, there’s something for everyone eager to shape the data landscape. Join us as we collectively steer towards a future defined by data-driven excellence and responsible AI innovation!

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