Safeguarding Data Quality and Governance in Modern Data Architectures – Vinay Simha, PHILIPS

Session Outline

Discover the critical role of data quality and governance in modern enterprise data architectures. Uncover strategies for ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance while navigating challenges posed by evolving data platforms and technology landscapes. Elevate decision-making with insights into measuring data quality, lineage tracking, and fostering a culture of data excellence. This session is an opportunity to learn about applying a framework from enterprise architecture to safeguard your data integrity, harness its true value, and deliver visibility, automation, and governance to business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise Architecture as a structural backbone for Data Quality and Data Governance
  • Why a holistic view of the data landscape is of paramount importance? How to address this in modern data architectures to be future-ready?
  • How to establish a cohesive strategy, implement standards, and leverage modern data platform technologies?

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