AIAW Podcast E124 – All about #DBRX AI Model – Hagay Lupesko

Tune in to Episode 124 of the AIAW Podcast! In this episode, we cover artificial intelligence with Hagay Lupesko, one of the contributors behind the #DBRX AI model. With a rich history in software and ML engineering at giants like GE, Meta, and Amazon, Hagay now shines as VP Engineering at MozaicML, a recent addition to the Databricks family. This episode covers a spectrum of fascinating topics: Hagay’s journey before MozaicML and Databricks, the story behind MosaicML’s acquisition, and the revolutionary features of DBRX. We explore the debates between open-source and closed-source in AI, GenAI’s enterprise applications, and the technical intricacies behind DBRX’s performance. Get Hagay’s insights on the future of Large Language Models (LLMs) and his vision of the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) era! Hagay’s perspective, whether painting a dystopian nightmare or a utopian dream, demands attention from anyone fascinated by the future of AI!

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