AIAW Podcast E125 – Liza-Maria Norlin

In the latest episode (#125) of the AIAW Podcast, we're thrilled to host Liza-Maria Norlin, Party Secretary of the Christian Democrats in Sweden and author of "The Courage to Lead...

AIAW Podcast E124 – All about #DBRX AI Model – Hagay Lupesko

Tune in to Episode 124 of the AIAW Podcast! In this episode, we cover artificial intelligence with Hagay Lupesko, one of the contributors behind the #DBRX AI model.

AIAW Podcast E123 – The Power Grid of Tomorrow – Kiryl Zhdanovich & Jonatan Raber

Tune in to yet another AIAW Podcast! Episode 123 features a discussion with Kiryl Zhdanovich, seasoned Machine Learning and Data Engineer at Fever, and Jonatan Raber, Founder and...

AIAW Podcast E122 – AI Powered Product Development – Fredrik Stockman

Tune into Episode 122 of the AIAW Podcast! In this episode, we cover the exciting world of AI-powered product development with Fredrik Stockman, CEO & Co-Founder of Version Lens.

AIAW Podcast E121 – Models for Scalling Agile – Mattias Altin, Niklas Modig and Henrik Kniberg

Join us on Episode 121 of the AIAW Podcast, where we dive into software development in the AI era with an exceptional lineup of experts.