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Smart City Digital Transformation of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure – This article from Prasanta Bhowmik, a customer-focused Enterprise Architect,focuses on how the industry around Electric Vehicles charging that is growing at a very fast speed, can utilize data and analytics for digital transformation of the smart cities.

Statistics in the Wild: How to Keep Calm and Carry On – This article from Aleksandrs Gehsbargs, Director of the Games Data Science at Product Madness, points out how organizations to equip their data scientists with powerful tools and make them equal to the rest of the business. 

Would You Like to Start With MLOps? – Interview With Stefano Bosisio, Trustpilot – In this interview and his presentation at #DIS23 Stefano shares his insights and expertise on how organizations can overcome the challenges of incorporating machine learning into their operations. 

Six Essential Business Skills for Analytics Professionals – Interview With David Stephenson, DSI Analytics – In this interview and with his presentation a t#DIS23, David wants to mainly address the data science managers since they need to know how to help the teams develop each of the six essential business skills.

More reading and inspiration:

Optimizing Marketing Strategies Using A/B Testing With Machine Learning – This article from our contributor Peter Vester, Lead Data Scientist at the AI & Analytics Centre of Excellence in Novo Nordisk, explained how to utilize A/B testing and Machine Learning techniques to optimize your marketing strategies to increase sales without wasting valuable marketing resources on the wrong customers.

Hyperight Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 086 on MLOps with Josef Lindman Hörnlund, Co-founder and Lead Machine Learning Engineer, and Viktor Öberg, AI Business Developer at Modulai.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 087 on Graphs and Social Engineering with Stefan Wendin, a vision-driven Business Strategist, Innovator & Transformation Expert.
Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 088 on Tech Talent, Recruitment and Reskilling with Loise Vanerell, Head Of Operations at the Upskill Company.

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On 23rd February 2023 join the tpo33 event “Modern Data Strategy for Distributed Value Creation”. This event is tailor-made for every Data Management practitioner or organisation interested in learning how to enable dynamic and intelligent data orchestration across a distributed landscape, creating a network of instantly available information to power the business with Data Fabric Architecture. The event is created for Data Management, Data

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