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Keep an Eye on These Data Management Trends – How is data management evolving? It is crucial for organizations to follow trends that can help them to overcome the obstacles during their data-driven journey. In this article, we are summarizing some of the views of the leading data management practitioners that had presentations at Hyperight events on what trends in data management can be expected in the upcoming period.

Is Enterprise AI Winter on Sight? – This article will give an overview of AI Winters through the years, together with some of the reasons behind them and present some similarities today that can potentially trigger an Enterprise AI Winter. 

What Sci-fi Can Teach Us About the Perils of AI – Science Fiction has long been a source of inspiration for inventors and founders, resulting in real world innovations shaping the world we live in today. This article by Jesper Nordström, Head of AI Strategy & Policy at Nordea, examines how we can use fictional narratives to explore possible AI futures including potential adversary consequences and different avenues for dealing with these.

More reading and inspiration:

ChatGPT and The Professional’s Guide to Using AI – This article by Allie K. Miller, AI Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor, helps to understand what this technology is, what it can do, why it’s important, why it’s different, and how professionals across a variety of industries can leverage ChatGPT.

Hyperight Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 083 with Marcus Liwicki, Professor and Head of Subject, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for applied AI, Luleå University of Technology.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 084 with Bob Sturm, Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Rujing Stacy Huang, Musicologist at The University of Hong Kong.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 085 with the hosts Anders Arpteg and Henrik Göthberg, and the podcast producer Goran Cvetanovski. This episode summarizes the year 2022 in AI from technology development, research, and enterprise implementation.

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  • On 22nd February 2023 take part in the tpo33 event “Chief AI Officer” This event is tailor made for every practitioner or organization working with or interested in learning how to maximize the ROI of their AI initiatives and function. The event is created for Chief AI Officers, CxO´s, or senior managers who are leading the AI initiative and strategy in their organization. Find more information about this event here
  • On 23rd February 2023 join the tpo33 event “Modern Data Strategy for Distributed Value Creation”. This event is tailor-made for every Data Management practitioner or organisation interested in learning how to enable dynamic and intelligent data orchestration across a distributed landscape, creating a network of instantly available information to power the business with Data Fabric Architecture. The event is created for Data Management, Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics strategists, and decision-makers. Explore this event here.

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