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Seven Takeaways from the Seventh Edition of
the Data Innovation Summit

We tried to highlight some of the key takeaways from this year’s edition of the Data Innovation Summit, which was all about “Towards Human-Centered Data and AI-Driven Innovation”.

Data Monetization Requires Both Data Products and Services:
Interview With Jarkko Moilanen, Vastuu Group Oy

How can organisations utilise their data and design data products to maximize internal reuse and partner network value? Eventually, how can organisations monetize derived data-driven services? We had an opportunity to find out the answers to these and many other questions through the interview with Jarkko Moilanen, PhD. Chief Data Officer of Vastuu Group Oy.

Accelerating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Through Use of Data:
Interview With Jacob Nielsen, Grundfos

Having a diverse blend of talents is the key to developing new innovative and sustainable solutions, both for the business and society. These are some of Jacob Nielsen’s thoughts, Senior People Analytics Specialist at Grundfos, shared in the interview we had with him.

Enabling Secure & Compliant Data Science Operations:
Interview With Georgios Gkekas, vent.io 

Georgios Gkekas was one of the speakers at the Data Innovation Summit 2022 and in this interview, starting point was his presentation at the Summit – “How to enable secure and compliant data science operations in the cloud”.

Georgios Gkekas

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At the Data Innovation Summit, we promoted the 2022 Hyperight Nordic 100 list, featuring data, advanced analytics and AI practitioners dedicated to supporting the data community and accelerating the Data and AI innovation capabilities in the Nordic region.
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