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Scaling the Role of AI and ML for a Fintech Company:
Interview With Data Experts From Tink

We talked with the Tink data experts – Andrew Wu, Machine Learning Tech Lead and Eliisabet Hein, Data Scientist that are among the speakers at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit. Their presentation at the event is “Scaling ML in one of Europe’s hottest fintech companies”.

Data-driven Decarbonisation: Interview with Tal Katzav, Wärtsilä

The process of decarbonization brings together different sectors and people from different backgrounds around a common aim. On this topic we talked with Tal Katzev, Manager, ML & Advanced Analytics at Wärtsilä and one of Data Innovation Summit 2022 speakers.

Removing Biases for Successful Data Analysis:
Interview with Anh Tran, Data Analyst

Anh Tran is one of the speakers at the Data Innovation Summit 2022, and starting point for the talk with her was her presentation at the event – “What are common types of bias and why removing them is essential for a successful data analysis project?”.

Anh Tran

Scaling AI/ML-initiatives:
Interview with Abul Fahimuddin, Digital Transformation Director

Abul Fahimuddin is one of the speakers at the Data Innovation Summit 2022. he will share more on “Scaling AI/ML-initiatives for sustained value realization in asset-heavy industry: from DataOps & IT infrastructure to MLOps and change management”.

Abul Fahimuddin

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Episode with Mirko Gontek, Global AI & Analytics Lead at Netlight
Episode with Mikhail Zhilkin, Data Scientist at Arsenal FC
Episode with Bjorn Hertzberg, Head of Data Science at H&M
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