Why successful HCR is more about stakeholder management than visualising metrics – Søren Kold, Hempel


Human Capital Reporting is often a starting point for many People Analytics functions. While it may seem easy to report without any advanced analytics, the people analytics leader needs to use various skills to succeed. The session focuses on the importance of setting yourself up for success, which is sometimes a more complicated route than only converting your company data into tables and graphs.

Key Takeaways

  • How the beginning of your people analytics journey is determining your future success.
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily choose to report on all the data that you have.
  • How you have to analyse the stakeholder landscape, to enable yourself to engage in the proper dialogues.
  • Choosing metrics to report that matters to your business.
  • Ways to set up a foundation for yourself (the People Analytics responsible) to succeed in the future.

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