Revenue Forecast for Growth Companies Using Scarce Time-Series Data – Lele Cao & Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, EQT Partners


Session Outline

Investment professionals rely on extrapolating company revenue into the future to approximate the valuation of the companies in a high-growth stage. However, the financial data on growth companies is typically proprietary, costly and scarce, ruling out the wide adoption of data-driven approaches. As a result, we propose and productionize an efficient algorithm to perform long-term revenue extrapolation (with confidence estimation) using scarce data.

Key Takeaways

– We propose an efficient algorithm that can extrapolate revenue of growth companies (with confidence estimate) using scarce data.

– The revenue prediction indicates the valuation of the company, making the investment decisions informed.

– We will also briefly talk about how we productionize this algorithm on our investment platform.

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