Digital twins powered by IIoT and Industrial AI: A cocreation between data scientists and engineers – Diego Galar, Luleå University of Technology

The technology and operation of assets are complex, but the adoption of IIoT in and its use with IT/OT platforms enables the use of ‘digital twins’ to manage, monitor and maintain assets in a totally different way. The digital twin bridge the gap in complex assets between OT systems and the IT environment by capturing data to monitor performance, deterioration and failure, location and safety compliance and remote monitoring systems for scheduling and asset utilisation. Digital transformation demands that engineering technology (ET) be included in the IT/OT convergence process powered by IITo as the importance of integrating product design increases.

Key Takeaways

  • Maturity of digital twins as IT/OT/ET convergence outcome
  • What do we expect of the digital twins?
  • How is the architecture of a digital twin which combines edge and cloud computing?
  • How IIoT power the digital twins of complex systems?
  • System of systems for twins, digitization as modularity and simplicity solution

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