AIAW Podcast E117 – AI-driven software testing – Vilhelm von Ehrenheim

Join us on Episode 117 of the AIAW Podcast for an enlightening conversation with Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, Co-Founder and Chief AI Officer of the innovative startup QA.tech. Vilhelm brings over a decade of experience in applying data science and machine learning to develop autonomous agents that test and interact with web pages. Before co-founding QA.tech, he was the driving force behind Motherbrain Intelligence at EQT, leading data science initiatives for one of the world’s leading private equity firms. In this episode, we explore Vilhelm’s journey, delving into his expertise in data engineering, natural language processing, large language models, and more. Get ready for an in-depth discussion on building AI startups and the transformative power of AI-driven software testing, packed with insights from a leader in the field.

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