The Fake News Arms Race: How AI Can Create and Detect Fakes – Or Levi, AdVerif.ai

Recent advancements in AI have made powerful content-manipulation tools – that can create realistic images and videos – accessible to the public. Deep-Fakes have already undermined trust in democracy, incited violence and damaged the reputation of brands and individuals. This has motivated the research of technologies that can catch the fakes, such as AdVerif.ai.

In this session, Or Levi – Founder of AdVerif.ai, will take us through the emerging Fake News arms race, between “Bad AI” for generating fakes and “Good AI” for detecting them. Learn how AI can empower humans to fight Fake News and how you can make it work for your brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Tools for generating realistic images and videos are becoming more and more accessible, posing an increasing threat to the reputation of brands and individuals
  • Humans alone cannot keep up with the amount of content to check
  • AI can empower humans to be more effective in detecting fakes and protecting their brand

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