From grey to gold – finding opportunities between functions – Marcus Sjöholm, Volvo Group Trucks


We go to work with the ambition to solve real business issues, but most of our time is actually spend trying to overcome the grey zones between the different parts we have structured our organizations into. Marcus Sjöholm, VP SML Business Control, will share how Volvo Group are able to work cross functional to find business opportunities, optimize the value chain and in the end increase profitability.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s about survival, organizations must address opportunities in the grey zones to stay competitive.
  • Overcoming grey zones and working cross functional requires data transparency and freeing up time to engage people, something a new generation of tools support us with.
  • Might be new tools, but it’s a change journey we been through before and are in the middle of now, successfully driven by people engagement, building competences and clear expectations.

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