Analytic Process Automation: Remove the System and Leave a Legacy – Shaan Mistry, Alteryx & Mads Frederik Madsen, Novo Nordisk


Developing and maintaining complex data processes shouldn’t be time-consuming, manual or error prone. Heavy code-based technologies are complicated black boxes where the power is with the few, and the many are left waiting, scratching their heads. With little to no transparency, how can we put our trust in these processes?

Discover how Analytic Process Automation can unchain data isolated in legacy systems, and blend it with the rest of your business data in a modern and intuitive analytics environment. Hear how Novo Nordisk built a solid data foundation for all users to understand, with improved analytic transparency, traceability and enabling tighter data governance across the organisation. Allowing them to automate the mundane and truly experience the thrill of solving.

Join and learn how to:

  • Migrate away from siloed working to build a collaborative workplace.
  • Empower users to be more data driven so they are ready to ask the next question in an analytic process.
  • Minimise key-person dependencies and increase data transparency across the organization.
  • Create a data culture to empower all data workers regardless of skillset.

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