tpo33 Events 2024 Reflection: A New Immersive Knowledge-Sharing Experience!

In a world saturated with information where technological trends often dictate our paths, a new way of sharing knowledge arises: tpo33 events!

At tpo33 events, learning transcends the ordinary, and solutions are born from collaborative minds. These gatherings are designed for practitioners seeking more than just surface-level insights. As four tpo33 events, limited to 33 participants, unfolded, they offered profound discussions, problem-solving endeavors, and invaluable networking opportunities!

1. Chief AI Officer in Copenhagen

Today, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your organization’s infrastructure isn’t just a choice—it’s a necessity for staying competitive. But what are the foundational components that lay the groundwork for effective AI integration? How does one establish robust AI governance to ensure that every AI initiative aligns seamlessly with their company’s objectives?

Identifying the right talent is crucial. What skills and educational backgrounds are essential for driving success in AI implementation within an organization? And once identified, how does one nurture and leverage these talents effectively?

Ensuring that one’s AI projects align with their company’s mission and goals is key. But how do you guarantee alignment, and what methodologies can you employ to identify and prioritize AI and data-driven products that dovetail with their organization’s strategic objectives? How does one expedite the transition from Proof of Concept (POC) to full-scale implementation without sacrificing quality?

Scaling AI initiatives within an organization presents its own set of challenges. What mechanisms can one implement to facilitate this process? How can one leverage technological economies of scale to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their data/AI initiatives?

In Copenhagen, our Danish CAIO tpo33 workshop provided a fertile ground for exploring these critical questions! With insightful presentations from thought leaders like Rasmus Gansted Brink, Tonia Sideri, Robert Luciani, and Albert Bruhner, we dived into these topics. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, showcasing the achievements that become possible when industry leaders come together to innovate.

2. Automating FinOps in Stockholm

Together with IBM, we had the opportunity to execute our first workshop on Automating FinOps, focusing on effective cloud cost management and financial accountability, optimizing cloud performance for business value, and strategies for continuous cloud optimization and Innovation.

The event featured presentations led by Sushil Gulati from Electrolux Group, Shahrouz Lahiji from IBM, and Olof Granberg. The roundtable discussions were a highlight, tackling crucial questions like:

  1. Beginning your FinOps journey by securing sponsorship for sustainable function development and choosing the best FinOps framework phase to start with during a cloud migration initiative.
  2. Identifying essential KPIs in your FinOps practice and understanding the insights provided by Dashboards and Reports, emphasizing their impact on cloud spend decisions.
  3. Balancing insight and action in FinOps: deciding between understanding public cloud usage and acting on it, and recognizing the significance of each.
  4. Automating FinOps insights in your organization to meet requirements for efficient cloud cost management.
  5. Ensuring accountability for cloud costs among teams while minimizing administrative overhead, and supporting and empowering teams in efficient cloud cost management practices.

3. Chief BI Officer in Oslo

Gathering in Oslo for a meeting with the Norwegian Business Intelligence and Analytics community: the Chief BI Officer tpo33 event in Oslo, in partnership with MicroStrategy, honed in on the fusion of AI and Business Intelligence (BI)! Throughout the event, key sessions delved into topics essential for leveraging AI-powered BI effectively, such as:

  • The crucial role of enterprise business intelligence in the era of applied and generative AI.
  • Strategies to harness AI for enhancing business intelligence capabilities.
  • Ways AI can be leveraged to improve data insights and decision-making processes.
  • Scaling self-service business intelligence and analytics.

Presentations led by Christina Lunde and Olga Sergeeva from TINE SA, Henri-Francois (HF) Chadeisson from MicroStrategy, and Maria Ana Liz from Ericsson! Their insights added significant value to the discussions. The roundtable discussions also covered several thought-provoking questions:

  • Discussing the current landscape and future potential of analytics applications, including exploring ways AI and generative AI can augment BI solutions and anticipating changes in today’s data platforms due to AI and generative AI over the next 3 – 5 years.
  • Identifying key efficiency drivers in AI/BI for users and teams, and understanding the specific benefits that different departments or use cases can gain from improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Balancing self-service democratization against potential issues like anarchy, prioritizing speed over quality, and discussing strategies for optimizing costs in self-service models.
  • Examining strategies for optimizing costs in self-service models while considering the balance between self-service democratization and potential issues like anarchy, and prioritizing speed over quality.

Although Generative AI was a hot topic, we were pleased to see the discussions focused not just on the technology itself, but also on its practical value, literacy programs, and tangible case studies in BI and analytics.

4. Chief AI Officer in Stockholm

We had the pleasure of hosting the Chief AI Officer tpo33 events workshop in Stockholm, in collaboration with IBM.

Speakers didn’t fail to impress us with their stellar presentations – Milap Patel and Tomas Keller from Ericsson provided insights on “Powering Transformation by Intelligent Automaton and AI.” Moreover, Martijn Wiertz from IBM dived into “Governance in the Age of Applied and Generative AI: Ensuring Ethical and Effective AI Management.” Last but certainly not least, Björn Brinne from King engaged participants in an insightful discussion on “Empowering Enterprises with Applied & Generative AI: Building a Scalable AI Ecosystem.”

The interactive roundtable discussions were equally enriching, as participants tackled crucial questions, such as:

  • Discussing strategies for effectively democratizing generative AI and empowering domain experts to develop, manage, and maintain their AI-powered solutions, while also addressing the nuances of AI governance, including compliance with the EU AI Act, and integrating AI risks into corporate risk management systems.
  • Approaching enterprise-wide technology adoption to increase productivity, including assessing data readiness, encouraging experts to integrate AI solutions into their workflows, and determining the relevance and productivity of Generative AI in traditional machine learning projects.
  • Integrating AI risks into corporate risk management systems, discussing approaches to drive enterprise-wide technology adoption for increased productivity, and assessing data readiness to ensure effective integration of AI solutions.
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of AI use cases to ensure effective implementation and maximize benefits, while also discussing strategies for effectively democratizing generative AI and empowering domain experts to develop, manage, and maintain their AI-powered solutions.
  • Ensuring effective integration of AI solutions by providing comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and governance mechanisms within organizations, including discussions on AI governance nuances, compliance with the EU AI Act, and approaches to drive enterprise-wide technology adoption for increased productivity.

In Conclusion

The tpo33 events were not only a platform for learning but also a space for forging new connections and fostering collaboration. With a focus on practical insights and real-world applications, attendees left equipped to navigate the evolving AI landscape with confidence.

So… What is next?

Data Innovation Summit 2024: In only less than a month, the Data Innovation Summit 2024 will kick off for two unforgettable days! Connect with over 3000 delegates, absorb insights from 300+ speakers, explore 100+ exhibitors, and dive into discussions across nine stages. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, now is one of the last opportunities to do so.

With less than 30% of the tickets remaining, ensure you don’t miss out!

But we are not stopping here! We’re thrilled to announce that in May, yet another  tpo33 gathering is on the horizon! The Chief AI Officer tpo33 in Berlin, is scheduled to take place in Berlin on May 29th, 2024. Mark your calendars and save the date! Get ready for a day filled with insightful discussions and networking opportunities. We’ll come together to explore the latest trends and developments in our industry with innovative ideas.

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