Streaming Governance: Paving the Way for Democratizing the Data – Morvarid Aprin, Confluent


Session Outline

With the explosion in volume, variety, and velocity of data powering the modern enterprise, it’s no surprise that management of that data has become paramount to the success of companies across the globe. As companies become software, there is a general trend towards decentralized data ownership to enable scale. We need to start thinking about data as a product, and consider the ease which it can be published with, discovered, understood, and consumed: this is to empower people to be more self-sufficient and productive in their day-to-day data tasks. In this talk, we will discuss ideas around building a comprehensive, interoperable, decentralized, and fully integrated Stream Governance solution available across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. We believe that this will unlock a powerful self-service platform that welcomes everyone to be part of the data democratization revolution.

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