Rolling Out a Data Science Platform as a Product at H&M – Misbah Uddin & Md Tahseen Anam, H&M group


Session Outline

At H&M, we aim to amplify all core operational decisions using AI by 2025. To realize the ambition, we need to operationalize hundreds of AI applications through distributed AI teams across the globe. We are rolling out several end-to-end data science platform-as-a-product to do this efficiently. workbench.ai is such a product that enables quick data and/or AI exploration and rollout of minimal solution to production for early-stage teams. In this talk, we present how we designed and implemented the platform product. We also share the lessons we learned as we continuously tried to reduce the delivery pain and cognitive load of the H&M AI teams.

Key Takeaways

  • The tech platform strategy towards H&M’s AI vision
  • Design and implementation of a platform product
  • Lessons learned on how to develop and get a platform
  • Product adapted widely
  • Demo of the platform

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