Navigating Data Complexity From Experimentation to Production – Federica Lionetto & Pierre van Heddeghem, Swiss International Air Lines


Session Outline

As an airline, we constantly receive data on a variety of business domains (fleet, crew, customers, etc.). If we are to derive business insights from collected data, however, we need to transform them and make them available and usable across the entire organization, including achieving an acceptable quality level. This poses several challenges and nobody knows these challenges best than the people working with data. This is why we recently launched Home of Data, a data-strategy initiative with a bottom-up approach. The goal is to empower individual employees to identify the most pressing challenges and drive the change. One of the proposed action points is a mechanism for allowing data scientists to request and receive production-grade data in an interactive but fully automated fashion that evaluates sample requests against sample policies.

Key Takeaways

– Participants in the program are eager to contribute, but day-to-day business operations are felt as an obstacle due to lack of time for exploring new options

– Management buy-in and adequate prioritization are critical for success Proposed action points are likely to be more pragmatic and effective compared to top-down approaches, which may be felt as disconnected from daily work

– Silos exist not only across departments but also across multiple data platforms (on-prem and in the cloud) and data exchange between and within these platforms is a must-have for modern data architecture

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