Metrics On The Move – How Aldo Group Puts Live Insight Into Users Hands – David Dadoun

Learn how the ALDO Group — a global fashion footwear company with over 2,000 stores in 95+ countries — deployed near real-time mobile analytics. Gain tips from its move from “traditional reporting” to making key business metrics available to those who need them in near real time, giving the organization an “always-current” view of business performance and allowing employees to make better data-informed decisions and react quickly.


  • The pre-Mobile Solution situation at ALDO, including key processes for accessing information, data freshness, and ease of use, all of which led to this project
  • Key factors that contributed to the successful implementation, such as change management and platform interoperability, and how what was supposed to be limited to management quickly grew to include stores, as well
  • Specific examples of big wins, including time management, data-informed decisions, access to information, and user adoption that resulted from the project

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