MEA Culture & Data Utilization in Analytics – Ziad Doleh, Electronic Government Authority of RAK


Key Takeaways

-Facts and Figures
-The Hierarchy of Data Needs
-Culture Impact on Data & Analytics
-Data Privacy & Global Policies

Data Maturity in MEA
-Facts and Figures
-Data Maturity

Using Data to Achieve Resilience and Sustainability
– Achieve & Sustain Competitive Advantages

Tips on How to Improve Data in MEA Region
– Personal Insights



Ziad Doleh – Former Deputy General Manager | Electronic Government Authority of RAK

Ziad Doleh is an IT professional with 9+ years of experience improving business operations, managing IT development programs, and building sustainable IT strategies. He has extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Solutions Architecture, and Organizational Development in various industries including Public Sector, Manufacturing, Construction, Workforce Management, and Banking. 

During Ziad’s tenure as Deputy General Manager at RAK Electronic Government Authority, he directed the digital transformation program in RAK government. He led the local government initiatives in IT such as Smart Cities, Digital Services, Cloud Transformation, AI, and BlockChain. 

Ziad has held different positions in IT Operation Management, Solutions Design, IT Program Management, and Change Management, in both the Public and Private sectors.

Ziad believes that in order for organizations to gain a competitive advantage in the market they operate in, they have to consider rational IT adoptions. This can best be achieved with the right technologies that allow businesses to analyze, predict, and improve their market positions and achieve a high level of resilience and sustainability.

Ziad graduated with a Bachelor of Management Information Systems from the University of Jordan.

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