Ignite Talk | Why ‘cloud-first’ doesn’t have to mean ‘cloud-only’ – Leverage the best of both worlds with hybrid-cloud solutions from Exasol – Carsten Weidmann, Exasol


Roundtable Session Outline

For most companies, the way into the cloud is an integral part of their data strategy. However, in many cases a lift-and-shift of the legacy data warehouse solution is neither practical nor reasonable: regulations, as well as the sensitivity of data, often prevent organizations to make data fully available in the public cloud. In addition, the choice of the suitable cloud data platform and mode of operation is essential!

Key Takeaways

– Should the platform be a self-operated platform in the company’s own cloud account (self-tenant), or a fully managed SaaS solution?

– Should the platform be based on components that are available at every major cloud provider, or should it use provider-specific services?

– Learn how you can efficiently use the world’s fastest analytical database for complex analytical workloads, no matter where your data lives and without vendor lock-in.

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