Ignite Talk | A Business-first Approach to Building Data Governance Programs – Aisan Baird, Precisely


Session Outline

Traditional data governance initiatives fail by focusing too heavily on policies, compliance, and enforcement, which quickly lose business interest and support. This leaves data management and governance leaders having to continually make the case for data governance to secure business adoption. In this presentation, Aisan will share a lean, business-first data governance approach that connects key initiatives to governance capabilities and quickly delivers long-term business value. He will give examples of organizations worldwide, that have successfully implemented a data governance program by engaging with key stakeholders using innovative techniques, such as gamification and data catalog scavenger hunts.

Key Takeaways

– Benefits of a business-first approach

– Linking data governance to business goals

– Mapping data governance to business value

– Bridging the gap between business & IT

– Real scenario user cases

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