How to build a winning data team in 2022 – Iiris Lahti, AI Roots


Session Outline
It is no question that data and AI are keys for success enablers to build competitive advantage across businesses and business functions. The battle for the best data talent is getting more intense, as there are growing amount of companies in different industries investing to this area. Past five years cloud-based technologies have gained a new level of maturity making the development and deployment of new data-centric services faster and smoother. Equally, location related boundaries have reduced remarkably past years, companies having an improved access to skilled workforce globally. How do these trends reflect to the data talent market and to an individual data expert building a career in this industry? What kind of new approaches there are to growing a strategic competence around data and AI? What kind of roles and skills should be covered? What kind of best practices and tactics should be considered in recruitment, engagement, retention and growth of a data team? In what situations is strategic outsourcing a good option?

Key Takeaways
– Data talent market trends and status in 2022
– Concrete tactics for building a winning data team
– What kind roles and career options there are for a data expert

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