Holistic Data Management – Dana Julinschi, FMO – The Dutch Development Bank

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Session Outline

The need for a holistic approach to Data Management (e.g. by combining Governance, Quality, Architecture, Strategy functions) is common knowledge by know. From data professionals working hard to implement the concepts all the way to CEOs blindly quoting “the data influencers”, everybody has an opinion over what it means, what it brings (or doesn’t) and how to do it. But more importantly, how to put it to work in such a way that it aids in delivering to data value. This session aims to shed light on what are the ingredients for successfully designing, implementing and maturing holistic Data Management in your organization in order to create the right foundation for data innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • The tangible and intangible components of successful Data Management.
  • Common challenges and how to address them, based on real life examples.
  • Tips for addressing the culture and needs of your organisation.
  • Elements of data strategy, communication and storytelling in a Data Management context.

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