Full Speed Ahead: How Arriva Created a Unique cloud-based BI-environment to Become Data Empowered. – Håkan von Matérn, Arriva Sverige AB


Session Outline

Håkan von Matérn will discuss critical success-factors for making Arriva more data-driven. He will describe their journey around four themes: Team, Tools, Way of working and creating Management buy-in. Håkan will show concrete examples that create tremendous business value and talk about the do’s and don’ts when embarking on this journey.

Key Takeaways

Team – Learn how building a BI team with combined business knowledge, BI experience and BI development is a key component of this strategy.

Tools – Learn how junior developers can rapidly execute and drive development using an automated low-code data estate builder.

Methodology – We have stopped sticking to deadlines, but we have focused on working on the right things. Learn how to implement a methodology that ensures we are working with the right results and that everyone knows what they need to do – all the time.

Managing focus and goals – an extremely important component of ensuring you can deliver business value.

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