From Data Collection to Data Action – Kevin Simons

Schibsted has been very successful at standardizing the collection of user behavioral data across its many sites. However, this data has primarily only been available to highly technical engineers and data scientists, with the greatest focus being on audience targeting for advertising. Now we are working hard to democratize access to data, giving decision makers across the organization the insights they need to improve our products and our businesses. Whether you’re a data scientist, a UX designer, a PM or an analyst, the right data should be available to you and that data should be protected by all the appropriate security and privacy measures.

Key Takeaways

  • Schibsted has been very successful standardizing the technology and governance around gathering user behavioral (tracking) data
  • Through technology like Snowflake, streaming analytics with Kafka, and more, the data and insights teams at Schibsted are getting data into the hands of people who need it to be effective in their roles
  • While getting data to those who need it most, strict access control, security and privacy controls are maintained

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