Data Ops: Systemizing the shift towards sustainable transport – Gustav Rånby & Veeresh Elango, Scania


We are in the beginning of a shift from CO2-emitting combustion engines to emission free electrified truck fleets. A challenge when converting a fleet of trucks is identifying the order of conversion and the configuration of the electrified counterparts; even more so when you at the same time have to decide on charging infrastructure placements and configuration. We will show you our journey from a Matlab script to an IT-product combining big data processing, the AWS cloud and a java script front end . The result is an encapsulation of a data science method into a scalable, maintainable and user friendly cloud based application allowing on demand creation of electrification rollout plans for a fleet of vehicles. This also shows how a DevOps mindset together with CI/CD can be used to productionize data science. Ultimately this enables an efficient exploration of the various options for electrification providing our customers with profitable and sustainable solutions.

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