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Building Human-Centred AI Solutions With AI-by-Design Approach: Interview With Serena Westra and Ioannis Zempekakis, Olx Group – When engineers develop AI solutions, external factors are often not considered. One solution for overcoming the potential risk of developing AI solutions in isolation is the so-called AI-by-Design, developed by Ioannis Zempekakis, Global Head of AI at OLX Group and Serena Westra, Co-founder & Sr. Strategic Experience Designer at AI-by-Design. We hope the interview with them will offer insightful information for the organisations and individuals regarding the AI-by-Design approach for building Human-Centred AI solutions. 

The Journey of DNB Bank When Building Its In-House Analytics Platform: Interview With Trung-Duy Nguyen and Benjamin Tapley – Analytics in the banking sector has a crucial role, mainly because of the abundance of data these organisations work with. Having the right analytics platform to prepare financial institutions to embark on this journey is also essential. When it comes to that, organisations can choose between building these tools in-house or getting them from the shelf (buying them). In this interview with Trung-Duy Nguyen, Data Engineer and Benjamin Tapbev, Software Engineer, we discussed the journey of DNB Bank ASA of building an in-house analytics platform. 

Forecasting Revenue for Growth Companies With Limited Data: Interview With Lele Cao and Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, EQT – Lack of data can be an obstacle for managers and investors of fast-growing companies when it comes to predicting their future revenue. Experts from EQT Motherbrain found a solution on how to use data points from other companies to develop a method that can be helpful for growth companies to address the issues with limited datasets when predicting revenue. This method is called SiRE (Simulation-Informed Revenue Extrapolation) and more about it shared with us Lele Cao, Staff Data Scientist & Motherbrain DS/ML Lead at EQT Partners and Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, Principal Engineer & Motherbrain Lead at EQT Partners.

More reading and inspiration:

  • As organisations move from words to principles, from experimentation to operationalisation and from isolated projects to scaling, find out why organisations should consider Responsible AI throughout the AI life cycle. 
  • This year’s edition of the Data 2030 Summit was more insightful, immersive, and collaborative. Find out why. Look into the fantastic Summit day filled with great presentations, insightful discussions, and lots of networking through the event photos. 
  • Last month, Hyperight Data Club hosted an Artificial Art exhibition by the talented Linda Leopold and a guest presentation by Dr Ather Gattami, Founder and CEO of OrganAi.se. The AI community is spotting a marked increase in AI-generated artwork. What do you think? What is the potential of the AI art movement? 
  • The event industry has faced rapid changes in the last few years, limiting pure on-site events and moving into hybrid events. Read more insights by Kiril Seravall, the founder & CEO of the event platform Agorify, which Hyperight uses for its events.

Hyperight Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 073, a takeover episode by Accenture team: Andrea Risberg, Data & AI Strategy Consultant, Responsible Data & AI; Per Osterman, Managing Director Applied Intelligence Nordic; Jonas Widerberg, Digital Strategy Manager Applied Intelligence and Petter Bohman, Director Applied Intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 074 with Rasmus Thornberg, Decision & Data Science Manager at Tetra Pak, a humanistic and social engineer with a passion for rational and data-driven decision making.

Artificial Intelligence After Work (AIAW Podcast) Episode 075 with Jan Gulliksen, a professor in human computer interaction at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • Attend the HP Data Science Open between the 18th and 28th of October at the Hyperight Data Club (TegnĂ©rgatan 14, 113 58 Stockholm). This is a free-to-attend two-week open festival and exhibition tailor-made for Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Data Engineering, and Applied Analytics practitioners working with the latest technology, strategy and methods to derive value from data, scale ML projects into production and accelerate AI-driven Transformation throughout companies, industries, and public organisations. Register your participation here. 
  • Attend the first Data Science and Machine Learning Afterwork Party (AI Confession), on the 22nd of November in conjunction with the NDSML Summit. The party will take place at Nalen in Stockholm, and it is an annual unformal event organised to bring together the Data Science and ML community across the Nordics for a night of unforgettable networking experience. Official sponsors of “AI Confessions 2023” besides Hyperight are HP, Snowflake, Nvidia, Domino Data Lab and Agorify. Save your spot here.

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