AIAW Podcast Episode 099 – Maria Stockhaus – The state of digitalization and AI in Sweden

Are you ready for a thrilling episode of the AI After Work (AIAW) Podcast? In the latest episode, we sit down with Maria Stockhaus, Spokesperson for The Moderate Party (Moderaterna parti) on infrastructure and digitization issues. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, from Stockhaus’ background and experiences as a politician to the Moderate Party’s views on digitalization and AI compared to other political parties. We also discuss the state of digitalization and AI in Sweden compared to other countries, and how to drive change in politics regarding AI. The conversation gets even more interesting when we discuss how AI will influence education in the coming years and how politicians can be upskilled in this area. Stockhaus also shares her thoughts on the sector where AI could play a vital role, her fears about the abuse of AI, and how we can enable experimentation and innovation while safeguarding citizens’ privacy. The conversation ends with a discussion on the “AI divide” and the call for a moratorium on the development of AI models greater than GPT-4. Don’t miss out on this episode, and stay tuned to find out who Stockhaus recommends inviting to the AIAW podcast!

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