Advanced Analytics and the Importance of Early Adoption of an Analytics Platform at Wells Fargo – Gary Class, Wells Fargo


To cultivate the development of a truly “data-driven” organization it is important to consider the needs of the full continuum of analytics professionals. A curated “big analytics” environment is critical for the rapid adoption of advanced analytics methodologies at a level that is “wide & deep” across the entire organization. It is also important to “bring the analytics to the data” and to select solutions with a shallow learning curve in order to maximize adoption of new approaches and minimize the effort involved therein. As a very early adopter of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, featuring Aster and Hadoop, Wells Fargo is poised to embrace the Teradata Vantage Analytics Platform. As the inaugural Chair of the Teradata Advanced Analytics Advisory Council, Gary is focused on collaborating with Teradata to promote scalable and robust analytics environments to maximize the value of investments in “big analytics”. Gary will illustrate the successful application of advanced analytics at Wells Fargo leveraging the Teradata tool-kit and the benefits of the application of multi-genre analytics.

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