Thriving in an Uncertain World with a Resilience Focussed Operational Digital Twin – Richard Henderson, TigerGraph


Session Outline

For many years, globalization, automation and lean principles were the basis of a successful business, be it manufacturing, finance or retail. These strategies relied on an assumption of smooth and reliable flow of resources; so that outcomes broadly matched predictions, and any variation was slow and with only local impact. Then a global pandemic, a ship stuck in a canal and a fire at a chip-factory showed just how much the new world breaks those assumptions. Resource availability and flows are chaotically unpredictable, over short timescales, and with impact across the business. Predictions are now, at best, a good guess. This is the new normal. This demands new solutions that can rapidly detect disruption, show the total impact to all downstream dependencies, provide meaningful measures of fragility at all scales, and recommend the most effective measures to reduce those risks for any contingency

Key Takeaways

– Businesses need a model of their dependency networks, including their extended ecosystem of upstream suppliers and downstream consumers.

– That model needs to be maintained in real-time, both structurally and reflecting current circumstances i.e. it is a resilience focussed digital twin of the business and its networked ecosystem.

– With this, and intuitive network analytics, both tactical responses and strategic decisions can be informed by data in order to balance the need for enhanced resilience without slowing the pace of change required to be competitive.

Modern technologies like distributed graph analytics provide the perfect technology platform to meet these challenges.

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