How Epidemic Sound built, evaluated, and launched EAR, an audio-based search tool to supercharge music discovery for content creators – Greg Elkehag Funk, Epidemic Sound


Session Outline

How Epidemic Sound came up with EAR (Epidemic Audio Reference) – an audio-based search feature designed to help content creators quickly find music that better suits their content. In this session Greg Elkehag Funk, the Chief Product Officer at Epidemic Sound, will walk you through how Epidemic Sound:

Key Takeaways

– Built the feature using Machine Learning and techniques in Music Information Retrieval, to analyze every possible audio clip in our library for similarity, and offer users clips with a similar vibe, atmosphere and tone.

– Evaluated the feature internally with qualitative and quantitative techniques.

– Evaluated the feature externally with end users via A/B testing and user behavior evaluation in Looker.

– Launched the feature and helped users find music…. with music!

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