Balancing Data and Discernment in the World of Digital HR – Marcus Mossberger, Infor

The world of work is currently undergoing significant transformation across the planet, as technological advances, demographic shifts, economic interdependencies and social norms are disrupting traditional business models including the discipline of HR. The good news is that we have more data about the workforce than we have ever had, which gives us an opportunity to make more informed decisions about (and for) our people. The challenge is the need to delicately balance evidence and empathy to ensure we avoid driving the humanity out of human resources. Technology allows us to create an analytical approach to measuring performance and engagement, but automation without understanding (at a personal level) is not sustainable. We will discuss specific use cases where people analytics can enable individuals and organizations to reach their full potential while maintaining the human element.

Key Takeaways
• Why it is important for organizations to adopt a data-driven HR strategy
• What is possible when it comes to collecting and aggregating data to define and measure performance, productivity and engagement
• How to appropriately balance the use of analytics and technology while maintaining a personal approach

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