AIAW Podcast Episode 096 – AI for Electrification – Georg von Zedtwitz Liebenstein & Sebastian Kaus

Get ready for an informative and engaging episode of the AIAW Podcast as we welcome Sebastian Kaus, Data Governance Lead at Vattenfall, and Georg von Zedtwitz-Liebenstein, Head of Data Analytics – Electrification Development at Scania. In Episode 096, we explore the fascinating world of AI for Electrification, discussing the key drivers of the transport industry, and the need for data and AI to help drive progress and innovation.

We explore the role of data governance at Vattenfall and Scania, and discuss the future of marketplaces for transportation. As we examine the different options for energy storage and the implications of electrified trucks on energy grid consumption, we gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the transport industry. We also explore the impact of political decisions on the electricity industry and get our guests’ thoughts on Tesla and how Scania organizes its data products.

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