AIAW Podcast E128 – Generation AI – Alexander Noren

AIAW Podcast E128 - Generation AI - Alexander Noren

Join us in Episode 128 of the AIAW Podcast as we welcome Alexander Norén! Alexander is an esteemed journalist, news anchor, and economics reporter at SVT. In this episode, we dive into the “Generation AI” series, exploring the transformative impact of artificial intelligence across various sectors. Alexander shares his journey through the series. From the surprising artistic abilities of AI to its potential in revolutionizing education and the job market.

We discuss the most impactful interviews and revelations from the series. This includes the ethical dilemmas and potential risks that AI poses to our society. Whether you’re intrigued by AI as a creative partner or concerned about its implications for the future, this episode offers a discussion on the possibilities AI holds for shaping a dystopian or utopian future! Tune in to uncover the highlights of this talk, as well as the personal and societal impacts of AI. As seen through the eyes of a leading voice in Swedish journalism and economics!

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