AIAW Podcast E126 – AI, Learning & Assistents – Sofie Nabseth

AIAW Podcast E126 - AI, Learning & Assistents - Sofie Nabseth

Join us for an enlightening episode of the AIAW Podcast, Episode 126, featuring Sofie Nabseth! Sofie is a key figure at Sana, an innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and learning technologies. In this episode, we delve into Sofie’s experience leading global marketing initiatives and her current role in business development. In her role, she champions the adoption of AI-powered, personalized learning solutions among Fortune 500 companies. We discuss her commitment to empowering women and girls in AI through her work with the non-profit Women In AI.

With an impressive background in Industrial Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology, Sofie shares her insights on the cutting-edge technology behind Sana AI. Moreover, she shares its strategic decision to offer free access, and how it stands apart from other AI knowledge assistants. Tune in to understand how AI is transforming learning and what the future may hold in the age of AGI!

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