The Business Case for Organizational Network Analysis – Starling D. Hunter, Join21


In this session we use the case of Tesla to understand how and why organizational network analysis can be used to bridge gaps in communication across departmental silos, hierarchical levels, and remote locations. We then describe how we have applied ONA in several Scandinavian organizations and the results that have been achieved therein.

Key Takeaways

  • Connected organizations are more successful—at the individual, group/team, and unit level.
  • To know how well-connected your organization is, you need to see of it as a network of relationships.
  • Then you need to identify who plays which of several key roles within the network and align them.
  • Join21 offers a suite of applications that extracts relationship data from multiple internal sources (surveys, collaboration platforms, and location data), represents it as a dynamic network, and offers insights on how to strengthen connectivity and thus, performance.

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